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Multimedia Personal Development: Goals, Self-Esteem, and Decisions

Setting goals, improving self-esteem, and making decisions are the themes of this personal development multimedia CD-ROM. Utilizing videos, colorful graphics, and an interactive format, users learn about each of these important personal development issues and how each affects the other.

In the Goals section, users learn the difference between short- and long-term goals, different kinds of goals, the steps to achieve their goals, and resources they can use in achieving their goals. Additionally, they learn how to prioritize their goals and how to set realistic goals.

The Self-Esteem section describes what self esteem is and the effects of having a poor self-image. Users learn why their self-esteem is important to their happiness, steps to improving their self-esteem (writing affirmations, thinking positively, setting goals, etc.), and how to steer clear of low self-esteem traps.

With this program users learn a six-step process for making effective decisions. They learn about influences on their decisions, important factors to consider when making decisions, how to gather information, and the importance of evaluating decisions after they have been made. A Cambridge Educational Production.

One Macintosh/Windows CD-ROM.



Multimedia Personal Development: Goals, Self-Esteem, and Decisions
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